About Us

It all started in 1996 when Elizabeth was a partner of a growing coffee company on the east coast. She wanted to sell her coffee to a retail store run by Eric. He ended up getting more than he bargained for. Three kids and seven years later, Country Morning Coffee was born! For the past 12 years, Country Morning Coffee has been purchasing green coffee from all over the world. Elizabeth roasts, blends, and hand packages every batch herself. 


Elizabeth on Roasting

"I roast my coffees in small 20lb batches with a drum coffee roaster. Coffee, like wine takes on individual characteristics from its particular growing region. Many variables including the weather can affect how a batch of beans will roast. Each crop of new beans is unique and can vary. Small batch roasting & straightforward technology allow me to tweak each roast. Understanding different roasting requirements and having a strong palate memory are the most important skills I have acquired over the past 19 years as a coffee roaster." After every batch is completed, I taste it, guaranteeing our customers the delicious coffee they have come to love." 

Green Beans

Great coffee starts with exceptional green beans. I have had a working relationship with my green bean supplier for almost two decades. Andrew Blythe of Royal Coffee, is my green bean guy! He has direct relationships with the families and farmers of our estate coffees.  Andrew understands what I am looking for in a particular coffee. He gets just as excited as I do about coffee. I love hearing about Andrews trips to the coffee farms and the families he connects with. I love that he sends me pictures of the folks and the farms I can share with you.